Best Mobile Web Design: Tips for Better Usability

Browsing the web on mobile is another fastest growing major internet platform. It has made the web browsing easier by making it accessible from almost anywhere. So designing for mobile needs to be simpler as compared to a standard website and more task based as the users look for something specific and urgent. Therefore the best mobile web design must be encouraged to make your browsing experience an easy and excited one on your mobiles.

Here are some things that you must consider while designing the pages for your mobile.
•The right screen resolution: The mobile world consists of rich variations of design considerations from various screen sizes and resolution to a variety of shapes. Aim to strike a balance between sufficient screen width and audience size. What’s difficult for mobile developers is the way to get display appropriately across a range of screen sizes without having to reconstruct pages for different platforms.

•Divide web pages into portions: Lengthy text is always hard to read so placing them on several pages limits the scrolling to one direction. So stick to a single column of text that wraps in such a way that there’s no horizontal scrolling.

•Simplified design: Avoid the inclusion of tables, frames and other formatting. If you use padding, remember to keep it far less than you’d use for a normal web page as simplicity equates to usability.

•Full website view option: Provide a link for your mobile visitors to switch back to your full website for the user to find and view the other content and features that’s only accessible to the desktop version of the site.

So these were some of the basic highlights to carve out the best web pages for your mobile and make your browsing an easy affair on your handset.


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