Best Mobile Web Design: Key Considerations

In the last few decades technology has exploded the best mobile web design to broaden up your surfing experience, but knowing what to do and where to start for these design enhancements can be tricky. Mobile website design is not just a question of a mobile site or an app rather there are numerous options in between and several aspects to take into account.

To help you out, there are some tips on what to consider when defining your mobile strategy and designing for your handset.

•Define your objective clearly: Define your immediate mobile website needs as well as your long term ones and consider the pros and cons of the value that doing an app brings vs. investing in a site that works across devices.

• Get familiar with your target audience: Having the knowledge of what actually the people are looking for on your mobile site is the key for guiding the design process and your mobile website strategy. Though many people have smart phones, don’t assume that everyone does, or that they all have an iPhone or Android phone. So consider how your target audience uses their phones and for what as well as if they have a reliable internet connection.

• Understand the website usage and its behavior: Do a possible research into the specifics for your target audience to understand what’s true for them.

• Tasks and contexts understanding: Context is still an important consideration; it’s in the form of how your surroundings impact your usage.

•Keep the core content same: As users are increasingly using their mobile devices for the same tasks as on desktops and due to this they expect an equal and continuous journey across devices, there is a strong argument that your mobile website should be a reflection of your desktop version.

• Define your grid and breakpoints: When it comes to responsive design, defining your grid and breakpoints is the backbone of your mobile website design. There are a number of tools to help you define both the number of columns, their width and the gutters as well as providing guidance for how these will work on mobile websites and smaller screens.
So consider the above tips to make the world run on your mobiles in a most effective and efficient way. Search on the web portals today to carry out your web designing in the most systematic way.


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